Zámboriné Dr. Németh Éva - professional CV

Education and Degrees

  • 1978 – Secondary scool: József Attila gimnázium, Budapest
  • 1983 – Master Degree of Horticultural Ingenieur, Kertészeti Egyetem, Budapest
  • 1993 -  Postgraduate Degree in Plant Genetics and Biotechnology, Gödöllő Agricultural University
  • 1990 -  PhD in Biology
  • 1999 -  Habilitation
  • 2004 – Academic doctoral title


  • English, German (advanced), Russian (basic)


  • 1983-1988 Scolarship of the Hungarian Scientific Academy
  • 1988-1992 Researh fellowship in Research Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (budakalász, Hungary)
  • 1993-leading researcher, assistant professor and from 2000 professor at the present University and its predecessor institutions
  • 2009-  Head of department of MAP

Other official engagements:

  • 1997- member of the Cuncil of the Faculty and its professional Commitees
  • 2003-  2007 deputy dean of international and scientific affairs

Education activity:

  • Course leader of 3 courses and responsible for MAP specialisation in the BSc Horticulture program
  • Grounder and leader of the Master Program in Horticultural both in Hungarian and in English language, coordiator of the double degree consortium with 5 foreign universities
  • Occassional lecturer at different Hungarian Universities and from 2009 regular teaching at the Technical University in Munich, Germany
  • Leader of the PhD Scool of Horticultural Science at the SZIU


  • Beside the everyday regular supervisor activity, supervisor of 12 students participating at Hungarian Conference of Students’ Research from 1996 till now
  • Supervisor of PhD Thesis works in case of 11 student who already obtained the degree from 1998 till now.

Leader Positions and Memberships in Scientific Organisations

  • 1993- 2003  Secretary of the Hungarian Scientific Horticultural Society
  • 1995-  Member of International Council of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Board
  • 1995-2000  Deputy chair of the Medicinal Plant Section of the Federation International Pharmacists (FIP)
  • 1997-  Secretary of the ISHS medicinal Plant Section, European Region
  • 1998 – Member of the IUCN Medicinal Plant Specialist Group
  • 2000-  Member of the Board of the Hungarian Pharmeceutical Society, MAP Committee
  • 2004 – Expert of the Hungarian ISO Committee (WG Essential Oils)
  • 2005-  Member of the Board of Hungarian Horticultural Assotiation
  • 2011-    Expert of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)
  • 2012-   Member of Board of Horticultural Council of the Hungarian Scientific Academy
  • 2015-   Member of the Agricultural Committee of the Hungarian Accreditation Couincil
  • 2016-   Member of the ECPGR Phase IX. Medicinal and Aromatic Plant WG
  • 2006 – Member of Permanent Scientific Committees of regular confeneces (International Symposium on Essential Oils, International Symposium of the Association of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast Europe)

Editorial activity:

  • 1990- 92 technical editor of Herba Hungarica
  • 1990- 92 technical editor of Newsletter of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (FAO publication)
  • 1995- 2002 editor of ICMAP Newsletter
  • 2011- Member of the Editorial Booard in Journal of Herbal Drugs, (ISSN 2008-8884) Azad, Iran
  • 2012- member of the editorial board of Kertgazdaság
  • 2015- Member of the Scientific Board in Herba Polonica, Poznan, Poland ISSN 0018-0599
  • 2016- Member of the Editorial Booard of the J.of Applied Research on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (JARMAP), Elsevier

Owner of 6 professional awards

Research profile:

  • production biology of medicinl and aromatic plants, development of production
  • chemical diversity of essential oil species, chemotaxonomy
  • production biology, breeding and introduction of medicinal and aromatic plants 
  • study of genetic and environmental factors influencing the quality of MAP drugs

Leader of 13 scientific research project (among them 2 international ones) and participant of further 15 research projects from 1991 till now.


  • Total scientific manuscripts: 410
  • Cultivar development: participation in breeding of 18 registered varieties
  • Participant in 3 patents
  • Nr. of independent citations: 491

List of publications