EOHUB project



“The European Hub on New Challenges in the Field of Essential Oils”, EOHUB (600873-EPP-1-2018-1ES-EPPKA2-KA), co-funded by the ERASMUS + Programme of the European Union under Knowledge Alliance call, will contribute to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, through stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of EOs, fitting within the EU 2020 strategy. It does so by providing a strong partnership between higher education institutions, their research departments, and business, making the knowledge triangle work in a relative new sector with increasing opportunities for research, innovation and economic growth. EOHUB aims to increase the capacity of higher education institutions and business to integrate research results and innovative practice into the educational offer, and to exploit the potential for marketable process, methods and services in the field of EOs. Moreover, it helps graduates and PhD students to develop new entrepreneurship activities and marketable services in line with their curricula, which too often remain only at the level of “theoretical applications” and “case studies”.

Its specific objectives are:

  • To develop and implementing a strong long term interaction scheme between enterprises and HE centres in the MAPs sector, facilitating the exchange among front runners researchers and business in the field of EOs
  • To identify successful Eos producers and transformers and projects to improve the know-how of the sector, promote best practice and credibility to the profession
  • To take advantage of the accumulated experience of the sector throughout the European environment by recording/implementing/standardizing/transferring it throughout the EOs sector.
  • To generate a sector-specific theoretical and practical syllabus essential for the specialization process of European EOs sector.
  • To develop a virtual learning environment that facilitates experiential learning and assessment constructively aligned with the learning objectives.
  • To enhance applied postgraduate education for consortium countries practitioners closer to a harmonized standard.
  • Increasing the capacity of higher education institutions, start-ups and business to exploit the potential for marketable process, methods and services, to promote sustainable businesses in the field of EOs.
  • To integrate entrepreneurship and innovation in the project not just as a source of knowledge, but also as a source of employment.

This project should lead to a new culture of working relationships among universities and enterprises that will allow universities their better integration within the larger society.  In addition, true collaborative efforts with enterprises will provide students support from practical placement, entrepreneurship and employability that will allow graduates to develop capacities that guaranty greater success when joining the labor market. Finally, new and innovative learning and pedagogical approaches will be implemented to offer high quality education and graduates with a cultural, environmental and social identity.

The project started in January 2019 and will be completed by January 2022. The Kick-Off meeting was held in Madrid, from March 21th 2019 till March 22nd, 2019 with all partners participating (see photo below).

Overall the consortium comprises of four universities, four companies, ad one research center from four countries (Spain, Hungary, Belgium and UK). Polytechnic University of Madrid is the coordinator of the project.

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