Dr. Zsuzsanna Pluhár






Building "G", 1st floor
Tel.: +36-1-305-7458
Fax: +36-1-305-7330
E-mail: Pluhar.Zsuzsanna@kertk.szie.hu

Scientific activity

  • research on morphological and chemical variability of medicinal and aromatic plants
  • introduction of medicinal and aromatic plants into cultivation
  • investigations on dye plants of diffetrent origin
  • development of supercritical fluid extraction methods of medicinal plant drugs 

Activity in education

  • teaching in gradual, in postgradual and in correspondence courses
  • lectures and practical lessons in the subject of Medicinal Plant Production
  • lectures in special courses (e.g. in ’Active substances of medicinal plants’, ’Identification methods of medicinal plants’, ’Specialities of medicinal plant production’, etc.)
  • leader of students’ groups specialized for medicinal and aromatic plant production
  • consultation of 20-30 graduating students

Consultation appointments

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